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How To Use The Instagram Facebook Creator Studio?

By generatorboy | February 5, 2021

Instagram Facebook Creator Studio What is the Instagram Facebook Creator Studio? If like me, you’ve been using a variety of heath-robinson methods to post to Instagram from your PC, you really ought to read this. I have been constantly looking for easier ways to post on Instagram. If I’m honest, I stumbled across Facebook Creator…

Increase YouTube Views Using The Watch Time Counter

By Doug Prentice | December 12, 2020

How To Increase Views On YouTube Using The Watch Time Counter Your first question might be “just what is YouTube watch time and how does it effect me”? To understand YouTube Watch Time you first have to understand how YouTube sees itself. You might think of your YouTube channel as somewhere to post your videos…

3 Good Reasons For Embedding YouTube Videos

By Doug Prentice | October 20, 2020

Three Good Reasons For Embedding Videos Why do some pages hold your visitors better than others? Why is this important? Obviously we all want visitors to our sites to stay as long as possible. That way we have a much better chance of making them subscribers and/or buyers. The longer they stay there more chance…

Linktree Review – Get More Conversions

By Doug Prentice | October 7, 2020

Linktree Review – Get More Conversions This Linktree review of the free version deals with using Linktree for a couple of purposes: How to guide Instagram visitors to the right content. How to build Facebook retargeting audiences from other publishers’ content. What Is Linktree? Linktree is basically just a link page. On your free version…

ahrefs webmaster tools

What Is Ahrefs Webmaster Tools?

By Doug Prentice | September 28, 2020

What is Ahrefs Webmasters Tools? It’s a free set of tools from Ahrefs that allows site owners to monitor the SEO performance of their sites. Additionally it highlights negative issues on websites.  These can be hindering performance and reducing the amount of organic traffic you could be getting. Why Is This Such A Big Deal?…

Invideo Vs Vidnami – A Vidnami Alternative?

By Doug Prentice | January 14, 2020

Why is it so difficult to compare different Video Creating softwares? Try Googling “video creating softwares” and you will find a bewildering list of possibilities. Whether it’s a Vidnami Review or an Invideo Review or any other in the never ending list. How do you choose what is the right one for you and your business?…

How To Get Backlinks For YouTube Videos – 16 Top Sources

By Doug Prentice | December 21, 2019

You’ve heard about backlinks to YouTube videos! What are backlinks? Backlinks are internet links between one website and another. At its most basic “link juice” flows from the more powerful to the less powerful website. Is adding backlinks to your YouTube videos a waste of time? No. Can backlinks help your YouTube rankings? No. Do…

Best Keyword Search Tool For YouTube

By Doug Prentice | November 21, 2019

Best Keyword Search Tool For YouTube What do you know about video keyword research? What’s the best keyword search tool for YouTube? Maybe you’ve often wondered why some videos rank higher in search results than others for specific search terms. And maybe you’ve wondered how to improve the ranking of your own videos on sites…

DIY SEO For Small Businesses

By Doug Prentice | November 8, 2019

DIY SEO for small businesses DIY SEO for small businesses or getting better rankings for your content and getting ahead of your competitors. There was a time some years ago when all you had to do for do-it-yourself seo was to bung your posts or pages full of your keywords. Then all small business owners…

InVideo Review – Professional Quality Video Maker

By Doug Prentice | July 12, 2019

InVideo Review I don’t write many product reviews. I only review products I use regularly Even then I will only review products I can recommend. I’ve tried many video maker software suites over the years and quite frankly most disappoint or are so clumsy to use that I don’t bother. What I wanted was a…