Three Good Reasons For Embedding Videos

Why do some pages hold your visitors better than others?

Why is this important?

Obviously we all want visitors to our sites to stay as long as possible.

That way we have a much better chance of making them subscribers and/or buyers.

The longer they stay there more chance there is for you to engage with them.

But also, the longer visitors stay on your pages or posts the better you “bounce rate” is.

This is important to Google when it comes to ranking your pages.

Some recent research I’ve come across seems to confirm that pages with better bounce rates rank better in Google.

How do you encourage longer visits to your posts/pages?

The most common and frequently most successful method is to introduce a “pattern disrupter”.

It’s a fancy name for anything that breaks up a thought pattern.

Whether it’s a block of text, an image or a video that stops you reading while the eye concentrates on the image/video.

This is where embedding YouTube videos in your posts/pages can help with this.

The video should be an interrupter that adds to or is related to the text content.

Imagine if you embed a 10 minute video into your post and the visitor watches only half way through. That’s another 5 minutes they’ve spent on your site.

And the longer visitors spend on your post/page, the more Google likes it.

Preferably, you’ll want it to be one of your YouTube videos, but it doesn’t need to be.

If it’s one of your YouTube videos you get the added benefit of it counting towards your YouTube views.

So, you’re improving your video’s YouTube rankings at the same time as you improve your site’s Google ranking.

Twice the benefit for one action.

Not bad!

But adding pattern disrupters is only half the story.

You still have to drag the visitor’s attention to your video.

As I was thinking about this I remembered that I’d fallen out of a good habit: that of ensuring when embedding YouTube videos in my posts, they were eye catching.

After all it’s so easy “not to see” the video and just move on to the next block of text.

For some time now I’ve been using a smart software called the Clever YouTube Plugin.

Check out this video

Play Button Play Button


This is a really smart little plugin that allows you to:

  • Place an MP4 Video over your YouTube Video
  • Make your Video Player “Responsive”
  • Animated Sonar Effect
  • Animated Icon Effect
  • Play Button Motion Effects
  • Video Call-To-Action
  • Use Animated GIF Images

It also has many other features but above all it allows you to make your embedded YouTube videos truly eye catching.

You don’t have to use the Clever Plugin but it does make your videos stand out!

To find out more about the Clever Plugin click

So whether you use it or not  embedding YouTube videos on your site, is a win win situation.

Give it a try…

P.S. When it comes to making videos I’ve tried many systems but have found that there is no real Vidnami alternative for long from videos. For shorter videos check out InVideo pricing. It’s a real bargain.